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Open Call 2019


The Filesender project is developing open-source software for sending and receiving large files easily and securely. With Filesender, you have full, end-to-end control over who can access your file. And there is no technical limit on the file size. The software is already widely used in the higher education sector worldwide. The aim of the current project is to introduce Filesender to new target groups, by enabling anyone to install their own (rebranded) version of Filesender. SIDN Fund is contributing to the scope extension and to the development of a GDPR compliance tool for Filesender.

POTENTIAL project – 1st call 2019  The Commons Conservancy - https://commonsconservancy.org

The Care Circle: monitoring elderly people's health with the help of relatives and neighbours

Growing old is inevitable. If you're lucky, you remain in good health as you age. For many people, though, aging is accompanied by physical and/or cognitive degeneration. Often that degeneration goes unnoticed, and problems are brought to a doctor's attention too late. Online health monitoring can help provide the answer. However, older people frequently lack the digital skills required, so the Care Circle project has been started to get friends and relatives involved in keeping an eye on the health of the elderly. The project involves testing acceptance of a simple prototype by older people, their loved ones and their carers, paying particular attention to autonomy and privacy issues.

PIONEER PROJECT – 1st call 2019 Roessingh Research and Development - http://www.rrd.nl

Open Algorithm

How does the government influence our lives using algorithms? And what significance does the use of artificial intelligence by governments have for our rights and freedoms? With a view to answering those vital questions, Open State Foundation plans to organise one or more community events, at which the relationship between algorithms and technology, politics and policy will be explored. In addition, at least one state algorithm will be presented for public audit. The project's findings will be published and communicated as feedback, hopefully kickstarting wider efforts to promote transparency and accountability in this field.

PIONEER project – 1st call 2019 Open State Foundation - https://openstate.eu/

OpenOpeningTimes - crowdsourcing open GIS data and making it marketable

Is the supermarket still open? What's the earliest appointment you can get at the hairdresser's? When we've got questions like that, most of us turn to the internet. However, the answers are increasingly monopolised by service providers such as Google. OpenOpeningTimes aims to change that by open-sourcing such data. The plan involves a user-friendly consumer site, plus an API and downloadable data for software developers and researchers. People who want to input data will be able to use a dedicated website, with the incentive of payment via a supporting blockchain platform. After all, your data is valuable, and you can and should be paid for sharing it. OpenOpeningTimes is being developed on Placebazaar and will be launched on tijden.org.

PIONEER project – 1st call 2019 Bèr Kessels - https://placebazaar.org

Marki Bundles

Fashion is one of the world's most polluting industries. There is a real need  to drastically reduce the industry's negative impact on the environment, and now is the time to do it. In this project, Marki is developing a dashboard that buyers can use for information about fashion industry supply chains and the price-sustainability balance of each transaction. The platform is also intended to enable innovators producing sustainable or recycled goods on a small scale to team up, so that they can meet the volume demands of big retailers. Marki's model will be transferrable to other industries as well.

PIONEER project – 1st call 2019 Marki- https://www.marki.cc

Development of a provisioning server for WireGuard adoption

A VPN (virtual private network) lets users connect to the internet securely. Because it assures your privacy and keeps you safe from hackers, trackers and online snoopers, a VPN is particularly helpful when using public Wi-Fi. However, the VPN protocols currently in use are quite old and have various drawbacks. That's where WireGuard comes in: a modern protocol that opens the way for VPN connections that are faster, stabler and more secure. In this project, Keezel aims to play a part in WireGuard's refinement. By making the protocol's adoption easier, the intention is to bring WireGuard within reach of a wider target group so that it can ultimately stand alongside or even replace the outdated OpenVPN.

PIONEER project – 1st call 2019 AvocadoNinja B.V. - https://keezel.co

Trust and the smell of data: a behavioural experiment

Previously developed with support from SIDN Fund, Smell of Data is a tool that promotes awareness of data leaks by making them 'smellable'. Whenever personal data is being leaked, a unique odour is released to alert the user. Now, in a follow-up project, the concept's practical utility will be validated experimentally. How does the smell influence the way people look after personal data? Do they actually change their behaviour? The experiment's design will draw on philosophical and behavioural science expertise, and is intended to generate input for the development of new, innovative strategies for educating people about how their data is used.

PIONEER project – 1st call 2019 University of Twente - https://smellofdata.com

PSD2 Opt-out Register

Is innovation with payment data possible without compromising privacy? PSD2 is the new EU banking directive, which allows for payment data to be shared with organisations that aren't banks. However, the legislation fails to ensure that privacy is designed into the system. The Privacy First Foundation has therefore decided to set up a PSD2 Opt-out Register, opening the way for account numbers to be filtered. The use cases involve 'special personal data', such as payments to unions, health insurers, political parties and organisations that provide pointers to a payer's sexual orientation, as well as consumers who don't want their contra account details shared. The PSD2 Opt-out Register can help to guide future developments at the European level.

PIONEER project – 1st call 2019 Privacy First - https://psd2meniet.nl


New EU legislation means that the copyright landscape is changing across Europe. In future, online platforms will be responsible for the content you upload. In practice, the new rules will mean that YouTube, Facebook and hundreds of smaller platforms will start refusing content whose origin, licence or metadata is questionable. Thinking of putting content on line? Wait a moment before you upload! With FilterMeNiet.nl ('Don't Filter Me') -- a guidance and information resource for Dutch content producers -- you can select the right licence and provide information. By checking with FilterMeNiet before you share, you reduce the risk of your work undeservedly falling foul of automated filers.

PIONEER project – 1st call 2019 Open Nederland Association - http://www.filtermeniet.nl

NLbiz.nl: start your dream!

Starting your own business isn't easy. Before you register with the various authorities, you need to produce a good business plan. That's never easy, but it's an even bigger hurdle if you're new to the country. Especially if you come from a place where going into business is just a question of getting on with your chosen trade. And if your Dutch isn't yet quite up to the required level. So what's the answer? NLbiz.nl has teamed up with a regional refugee support charity to develop a staged plan for people whose Dutch is at the so-called 'NT2' level. A would-be entrepreneur answers fifty simple questions, which are automatically turned into a business plan written in Word.

PIONEER project – 1st call 2019 Stiewer Foundation - http://www.stiewer.nl

Continuous Accessibility Checker

Nearly all our information comes from the internet. What challenges does that pose for people with impaired vision? They want to use the internet like everyone else, but many services that most people take for granted don't work with a screen reader (software that reads out website content). In this project, Enrise is developing a tool for checking during the test phase how accessible new software is for people with impaired vision. Using the tool, developers will be able to see at an early stage whether a website design is going to create accessibility problems.

PIONEER project – 1st call 2019 Enrise B.V. - https://enrise.com

Live transcription for people with impaired hearing

The Netherlands is home to more than 1.3 million people who are deaf or hard of hearing. And many hearing-impaired people experience problems in day-to-day life. Without an interpreter, it's very hard for them to spontaneously strike up a conversation or get to know new people. In this project, AmberScript is therefore developing a Dutch-language speech recognition app for smartphones, capable of turning speech to text in real time. The app will be free to use for people with impaired hearing, helping them to break down communication barriers and interact with others more easily.

POTENTIAL project – 1st call 2019  AmberScript BV - https://www.amberscript.com/en

HackShield Future Cyber Heroes Episodes 4 and 5

HackShield is a game for children aged ten to twelve, which playfully promotes awareness of cybercrime and its impact. The first three episodes (supported by SIDN Fund and others) can be played for free via joinhackshield.nl. Now another two episodes are in the making, which will set players the task of making the people around them -- parents, teachers, friends etc -- less vulnerable to cybercrime. The project additionally aims to produce a didactic vision, so that the game's effectiveness can be validated in partnership with TNO. Future NL is also developing a HackShield-based digi-doer for primary schools.

POTENTIAL project – 1st call 2019  Hackshield Future Cyber Heroes B.V. - http://joinhackshield.nl

The Digital Evidence App

If you are threatened or stalked electronically, or personal images of you are abused (as with 'revenge porn') the burden of proof is on you, the victim. Making a police complaint isn't easy, because you have to find, sort and secure the evidence yourself. To help victims in such circumstances, Cyber Proof and SafetyNed are developing an app for compiling a file of electronic evidence. The app also features guidance on how to make a complaint. Initially, the focus is on helping victims of abuse linked to relationships. Ultimately, however, the concept can be extended to cover other forms of electronic crime.

POTENTIAL project – 1st call 2019 SafetyNed Foundation - https://safetyned.org

Your Privacy Toolbox

Public awareness of online security has increased enormously. But what can you actually do to protect yourself? Bits of Freedom is developing Your Privacy Toolbox, a user-friendly website where anyone with questions about online privacy and internet freedom has access to self-protection tools. Because everyone can influence their risk exposure! #It's important that people looking for answers in this field are not only able to find Your Privacy Toolbox, but also feel that it's helpful.

POTENTIAL project – 1st call 2019 Bits of Freedom - https://www.bitsoffreedom.nl

888 Scanner

Public debate is shifting partly to commercial platforms. On those platforms, videos with a socially destabilising effect often get exposure, despite being removed from public view (e.g. by filter bubbles). For example, the substantial rise in flat-earth believers is closely linked to YouTube. In this project, the prototype 888 Scanner -- a tool for scanning the subtitles of NPO videos -- will be adapted for scanning YouTube channels. Information extracted from the videos will be made available via a web interface and an API, so that researchers and journalists can get a better idea of what's happening in alternative YouTube communities.

POTENTIAL project – 1st call 2019 Uhmmm B.V. - https://www.uhmmm.net

Using AI to support treatment decisions in mental health

Not everyone gets better after treatment for anxiety or depression. How can you tell whether a particular course of treatment will have the desired outcome, or whether a treatment programme needs adjustment? Advances in machine learning technology mean that the effect of treatment on a patient's health can be predicted with increasing accuracy. Trimbos Institute is developing a visual support tool that mental health professionals and patients can use midway through a treatment programme to forecast outcomes on the basis of comparison with other similar cases. The tool's output can help them decide whether the treatment is on track.

POTENTIAL project – 1st call 2019 Trimbos instituut - https://www.trimbos.nl

Digital signatures for secure online transactions

A digital signature involves data being recorded in a locked electronic document, which serves as a legally valid equivalent to a handwritten signature, popular with government agencies and companies. It provides assurance about a sender's identity, prevents illicit amendment of legal documents and does away with the need to print and scan them. However, almost no secure and reliable consumer applications are available. Now that's all about to change, driven by the rise of digital IDs. Initiatives such as IRMA open the way for the verification of anyone's identity. Collaboration with the key actors in this field can result in digital signature technology being freely available to private internet users.

POTENTIAL project – 1st call 2019 Zynyo B.V. - https://zynyo.com

Privacy Label

Privacy statements on websites and elsewhere explain what will happen to your personal data. However, many consumers either don't read privacy statements, or don't fully understand them. Privacy Label aims to address that by making privacy statements clearer and more accessible. Icons and simplified explanations will provide information about personal data processing within an organisation. So consumers will be able to see at a glance how their personal data will be used. As well as helping consumers, Privacy Label will help data processors to comply with the GDPR by improving the way that they communicate their policies to the public. Privacy Label will be free to use and adapt to an organisation's own house style. 

POTENTIAL project – 1st call 2019 Privacy Company - https://www.privacylabel.org

Publicroam VPN

Public Wi-Fi connections aren't secure: hackers and cybercrooks can easily intercept the data you send and receive. Publicroam wants to change that and enable everyone to use public Wi-Fi easily and securely, without compromising their privacy. Users will simply have to register once to always have secure access to a safe and reliable Wi-Fi network when visiting places such as government buildings, hospitals, museums, libraries, hotels, bars and restaurants. Because a secure connection is always advisable when exchanging sensitive information, the project will investigate the feasibility of offering Publicroam users a low-threshold, user-friendly and secure VPN.

PIONEER project 2019 – 1st call 2019 Publicroam - https://publicroam.nl


Podcasts are increasingly popular in the Netherlands, but research indicates that most users find it hard to track down the shows they want to listen to. Castography has therefore been conceived as an innovative online platform for exploring the range of available Dutch and other podcasts. The Podcast Network Foundation and Superposition have teamed up with Beeld en Geluid to develop a proof of concept for making RSS feed metadata accessible on a new, open and accessible basis. The proof of concept will be launched at the Podcast Festival on 28 September. Visitors will be able to use the platform freely and provide feedback to guide further development.

PIONEER project 2019 Podcastnetwerk Foundation - https://www.podcastnetwerk.nl

The 'Koekenbakker' of the Year

Contest to find the Dutch website that is worst at adhering to the laws on cookies. That might be a site that makes refusing cookies really hard, for example, or has 'Accept all cookies' as the default option, or offers no good alternative to visitors who don't want cookies. The scheme will be accepting nominations from the public, starting on 1 November 2019, ahead of presentation of the Trophy at the ISOC New Year Reception on 15 January 2020. The contest is being organised by the Dutch Internet Society, the Data Union and Cookiedatabase.org.

PIONEER project 2019 Internet Society Netherlands Chapter - https://isoc.nl

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